SECRET CAMPANIA - Maria Franchini, Valerio Ceva Grimaldi

SECRET CAMPANIA - Maria Franchini, Valerio Ceva GrimaldiAuthors: Maria Franchini, Valerio Ceva Grimaldi
Title: Secret Campania
Description: Volume is in format 16° (cm 19 x 10,5); 256 pages; many colour photos
Luogo, Editore, data: Verdailles, Jonglez, 2018
ISBN: 9782361952754
Prezzo: Euro 17,95
Disponibilità: In commercio


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A marble plaque that weeps twice a year, exceptional scuba diving among the mosaics and temples of an ancient Roman city, a magnificent amphitheatre full of stone spectators, forgotten pagan traditions, the world’s largest censer, a sublime secret library hidden in a monastery, traces of the beating wings of the Archangel Michael, flagellation in a remarkable penitential rite, pitchers from the Wedding at Cana in an obscure sanctuary, stunning little-known frescoes …

The Campania region, far from the crowds and clichés, has one of the richest cultural heritages in Italy. Whether on the Amalfi Coast, at Pompeii, in the Cilento, at Benevento, or Caserta, or just in the area around Naples, its hidden treasures are revealed only to locals and to travellers who know how to leave the beaten path far behind.

An indispensable guide for those who thought they knew Campania well or who would like to discover other facets of this fascinating region.
*Secret Campania won the Italian Scriptura Award for best cultural book of the year in Italy in 2019*


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